Windscreens play an important role in our cars – enabling you to see where you’re going and keeping you protected from hazards on the road. Cleaning a car windscreen is therefore an essential task for all drivers throughout the year.

guide below takes you through how to clean inside windscreens and outside. Take
a look out our range of external
and internal cleaning products to prepare yourself for tackling the
toughest windscreen grime.

Begin With A Wash 

by giving your windscreen a wash with soapy water, cleaning with a soft cloth
or squeegee as you go; this will begin to remove the top layer
of dirt from your windscreen. Ensure the wipers are lifted up and pointed away
from the glass as you clean. Wipe in small, circular movements to avoid
brushing dirt away from you.

the dirty water has been washed away, gently apply rubbing

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The world’s three biggest luxury car brands – BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi – had similar results in 2022, recording small drops in deliveries but big growth from electric vehicles.

Additionally all three reported big gains from their most expensive and high-performance offerings – each prioritising limited semiconductors for their most profitable products. 

In terms of bragging rights, Munich-based BMW edged out its rivals from Stuttgart and Ingolstadt when it came to overall volumes. 


BMW (not including Rolls-Royce and Mini) claimed worldwide sales of 2.1 million cars, down 5.1 per cent year-on-year.

Mercedes-Benz (excluding commercial vans) managed 2.04 million deliveries, down 1.0 per cent. Audi claimed worldwide deliveries of 1.6 million units, down 3.9 per cent. 

  • BMW: 2,100,692 units
  • Mercedes-Benz: 2,043,900 units
  • Audi: 1,614,23 units


BMW doesn’t outright state its brand EV sales, rather it includes Mini and cites Group BEV sales of 215,755 units, up 107.7 per cent.

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The LIWA 2023 Hillclimb Was Epic As Always! Look At These Big Power, Rooster Tail Throwing, Machines Haul Up The Dune!

The LIWA 2023 Hillclimb Was Epic As Always! Look At These Big Power, Rooster Tail Throwing, Machines Haul Up The Dune!

Well, it’s that time of year where the LIWA Hillclimbs are happening. This is some really fun stuff, where folks come from all over to race up an epic dune in Dubai. Located not far from the Liwa Oasis, this is a hot spot for dune racing. We’re talking about everything from build 2JZ combos to twin turbo LS engines, and even Pro Mod combos. Yep, there are some serious players here, and when you see these purpose-built machines hauling ass up the dunes you’ll understand. The LIWA hillclimb is huge, happens mostly at night when it is cool and is nonstop action.

We’ve already shared the Stunt competition video which features rigs

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If you are looking for plans to enjoy this Valentine’s Day, we got you! How about a San Francisco to Napa Valley tour? A drive from the major cityscape to the beautiful wine country will be the perfect gift for your partner.  


Napa Valley is a great destination to visit if you are looking for an innovative plan for Valentine’s Day. But what is special about Napa? Also, how long does it take to drive to Napa Valley from San Francisco? We will assist you in finding answers to these questions and more.  

Save on Gas Prices using

There are multiple ways to travel to Napa from San Francisco. You will also learn about the attractions and activities that you can do in Napa and other popular destinations nearby.  

How far is Napa Valley to San Francisco? 

The distance between these two locations will depend on the mode of transport you choose. In

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Video: Summernats 35 Was Off The Hook! 30 Cars Battle It Out For The Final 3 Spots In The Burnout Contest!

Video: Summernats 35 Was Off The Hook! 30 Cars Battle It Out For The Final 3 Spots In The Burnout Contest!

Every single hot rodder on the planet knows about Summernats and there isn’t anyone out there who doesn’t think this event would be cool as hell to attend. And why not, it’s got cruising, burnouts, dyno sessions, car show, burnouts, and did we mention burnouts? This is one of the biggest shows in the world and there is no doubt that the Aussies are as die-hard as they come. Just watch all the action, and all the spectators, that are getting up close and personal with all the action this year.

The Street Machine TV crew were on hand for all of Summernats 35 and their action-packed videos really got rolling

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Nowadays, rivet-style chain master links have replaced the earlier clip-style chain master links in a lot of motorcycle, ATV, and dirt bike chains. (Rivet master links are also often required by many race sanctioning bodies.)

But while rivet-style master links tend to be more durable than a clip, that’s only if you install it correctly.

(Image/The Motion Pro YouTube Channel)

Press the rivet on with too much pressure and it’ll crack, not enough pressure and the plate will back off.

Heck, even the job of removing the old chain can be a bit tricky if you’ve never done it before.

Ultimately though, the chain removal and master link riveting process isn’t that tough and, with a helpful tutorial like the one below from motorcycle experts at Motion Pro, you’ll be replacing chains with ease. It’ll walk you through how to use a Motion Pro Chain Breaking/Riveting Tool

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