If you are a salvage yard in Denver, Fort Collins, or Colorado Springs, part of your business is recycling as much of the vehicle as possible.  While selling used auto parts is critical to our business, we need to make sure that we’re doing our part to recycle, reuse, and recover as much of the vehicle as possible.  There a numerous used auto parts that salvage yards can recover from consumers and distribute to rebuilders so they can be cleaned, rebuilt/remanufactured, and sold back into the auto parts market place.

Core Deposits

A “Core Deposit” is a refundable fee that is invoiced with many used auto parts when they are purchased from a salvage yard.  The “Core Deposit” in itself is actually just an economic mechanism to incentivize the customer to return their old, worn out, or defective auto part.  Salvage yards aren’t the only ones charging “Core Deposits”.  They …

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