Cue Roy Rogers and Dale Evans—the Summit Racing Project Jeep Wrangler is officially a wrap.

During the past few months of video installments, you’ve seen the Summit Racing tech experts take an already-capable Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and build it into an even more serious off-roader.

And since most of us don’t have room for a second, dedicated off-road rig, they did it all without upsetting that delicate balance between off-road capability and day-to-day livability.

After all, building a hardcore off-road rig is one thing—building one that you can still drive to work and soccer practice comfortably is quite another.

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(Image/Summit Racing)

So the team had to be really, really careful about all the trail upgrades that were bolted to the Wrangler, making sure each modification wouldn’t compromise the Jeep’s practicality. That meant no 44 inch tires, super

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