Breaking the Colorado on Ultimate Adventure: Ian’s Trip Not Going As Planned

Breaking the Colorado on Ultimate Adventure: Ian’s Trip Not Going As Planned

We’ve shown you some of the work going into the Colorado that Ian Johnson was taking to Ultimate Adventure this year, and we are sad to see that the poor thing had some issues on the trail. Luckily they were able to get it fixed so they could still have some fun on the last day of the event, but it certainly wasn’t the way Ian likes these things to go. With that said, I’ve always found that some of the most fun stories come from the thrash, and it happens to all of us at some point or another. Ian is no stranger to thrashing and we’re

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I’m going to have someone build a street engine for me and I want to use 1968 round port Corvette 400 hp Tri-Power manifold and carbs using one inch spacers. With a single plane intake manifold and an 850 cfm Holley carburetor, the engine made over 600 lb.-ft. for torque and 600 hp. The engine currently has a hydraulic cam and almost 10:1 compression. How will the Tri-Power set up with vacuum secondaries work? Will this affect the power and drivability?

I had a couple ‘67 427 Corvettes a long time ago. I had a good mechanic, they always worked well, and I loved the look! I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.


This is a 1967 big block Corvette style Tri-Power manifold on an engine I built for a friend. The goal was to build an engine that could make great torque but externally looked just like a 1967 Corvette
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The shifting of its engine midship for the eighth-generation was arguably the biggest change for the Corvette to date, but even more dramatically different changes are coming for the flagship Chevrolet nameplate.

Car and Driver reports General Motors will spin Corvette off into its own sub-brand, with the C8 Corvette to be joined in 2025 by a four-door coupe and a high-performance crossover – both of them electric.

As previously confirmed, the C8 range will also be supplemented with both hybrid and electric variants.

The moves will see GM offer a wider range of vehicles to tackle Porsche head-on and leverage the potential profitability of the vaunted Corvette nameplate.

The four-door coupe and crossover will reportedly boast the “essence of Corvette” in their design and dynamics, and will be underpinned by GM’s Ultium architecture used by, among other vehicles, the Cadillac Lyriq and Celestiq.

“The aim is

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In Part 7 there is a lot going on as the roof goes on!

Because of the way they are building this thing the cab is longer than a factory crew cab, hence the MegaCab name. Because of this, there is some serious roof going on and a lot of structure is needed that doesn’t exist in the truck cabs.

Yes these trucks came with 4-doors from the factory, but in very limited quantities. Plus, these dudes had two junk standard cabs that they wanted to see if they could make something good out of. Well if they can pull this off, then this certainly will qualify as something good. I’m loving watching it go together and if this doesn’t inspire you to grab your welder, I don’t know what will.

If you missed the first two videos, use the link below to check them out too.

The 1967-1972 Ford

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The rumor mills have started churning away again, after the release of a Car and Driver report that the Corvette will evolve into its own brand within General Motors.

While the Car and Driver folks are mum on their source inside GM, the article is packed with some juicy details.

For starters, as its own brand, the story says that the Corvette family would grow to include a four-door “Coupe” (borrowing from BMW’s naming playbook) and a crossover SUV.

More importantly, the Car and Driver article explains that these potential new models would be electric vehicles too—and we’ll presumably see them as early as 2025.


To many industry insiders, the move to make the Corvette its own brand wouldn’t be a surprising one. Chevy’s iconic sports car has always been a halo vehicle for GM and the name itself carries plenty of brand cachet.

GM and Chevy haven’t

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